Send It To Your Clients.

Your Own Branded Web Page
Featuring a Quarterly Vet Video

We create current, relevant video content packed with industry news and updates.

High quality video outperforms all other media. The Pet Talk video update series allows you to connect with clients without the extravagant costs normally associated with video production.

Make it yours by adding your
branding & extra content.

A cleverly designed and simple-to-use back end allows you to completely customise the landing page that the video is viewed on. Viewers will believe you've produced this video exclusively for them. Impressive? you bet!

Electronically distribute it to your thousands of clients and prospects.

Email it, post the link on Facebook/Twitter or embed the page on your website. However you distribute it, expect Pet Talk to impact the viewer and increase enquiries and revenue.

Looking for something customised to your company?


You need to be relevant, pro-active and tech savvy to stay ahead of the pack. The Pet Talk video update series allows you to connect with clients for minimal cost, generate enquiries from these clients and increase revenue. It does what you would be doing if you had the time -– proactively selling your services.

The Videos

You'll have access to six 3 min videos/year. Each episode is hosted by a professional presenter with visually rich graphics reinforcing key points.


The landing page will feature your branding with your logo top left and bold. It will also be prominent on the video opener and closer and superimposed over the video while it plays. On top of this, you have full control over the ticker text and the information displayed elsewhere on the landing page. Rest assured, you don’t need to be a computer programmer to do this, the system is simple and intuitive. (Ticker + logo over video won’t work on iPhone.)


We liaise with a panel of experts to provide the most pertinent, up-to-the-minute content, designed to generate enquiries direct to you via phone or the email link on the landing page.


For just $169/mth (inc GST) you receive 4 videos a year, the ability to brand the video and landing page plus the option of customising the newsletter items and pictures that appear below it. You also have the right to embed the page on your website and social media. A $350 set up fee covers logo manipulation and setting up your landing page.

Easy To Distribute

Email the link to your clients, post it on social media or embed it in your website. We'll even provide the email template and suggest a distribution partner who'll send them for free.

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