Frequently Asked Questions

Can we request topics for inclusion?
Yes, we'll consider all input.
How do people watch the videos?
You email them the link to each month's episode. When the recipient clicks on the link, the video page opens in a separate window surrounded by your own promotional & educational information.
How does the scrolling ticker under the video work?
You input the ticker text and the replay system automatically scrolls it at the bottom of the video (not visible on iPhones/Ipad and may not work on some android devices).
Will someone show me how to use the editing system?
We've produced a video tutorial, which you can view here. (find link to tutorial video and place here pls)
How do you come up with content?
We have a number of accountants and trainers advising us on what content is likely to drive enquiries and revenue from viewers.
When are the 6 videos per year released?
Approximately every 2 months unless significant events (e.g. the budget) dictate altering the schedule.
Can I have an entire episode custom-produced just for me?
Yes, but that would be at full production rates.
Can I embed the videos on our website?
Yes, we'll provide your IT staff/consultant with the necessary HTML code allowing it to be viewed on your website and via social media.
What is the length of the agreement?
12 months.
How is this different to my newsletter?
It looks infinitely more appealing for a start. People will always opt to watch rather than read and being viewable across all platforms, you maximise the chance of your clients viewing On The Money.
Can I customise how many news articles are published?
Yes, you can choose how many news articles are published by choosing the number from the drop down menu. It is set to 5 articles as default.
Can I change the content any of the news articles?
Yes, you can click on the T edit button above the content on the article. This will allow for changes to be made.